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Suzhou Junwei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 and located in Tong'an Technology Industrial Park of Suzhou High-tech Zone, is a professional dental medical device manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales, and is committed to providing perfect solutions for the field of dental medicine.

The first product developed by the company, dental electric oil-free air compressor, is used to provide gas source power to dental treatment machines and dental mobile phones. It is the basic equipment of oral clinic: oil-free, clean, dry and sanitary air source, to create a good treatment environment for doctors and patients; lasting and stable air source, ensure operation; low noise, energy saving, quality parts, reduce end customer expenses and increase service life.Later, the intelligent dental centralized gas supply system for large dental clinics, carried the linkage gas supply demand of multiple dental treatment machines in large dental clinics, upgraded the new generation of PLC human-computer interface control system, automatic operation and improved user experience.

Company and Zhejiang university Suzhou industrial technology institute jointly established the 'medical clean air transmission technology and joint research and development center', with the help of Zhejiang university strong research strength, development of dental electric suction system, to provide stable suction for dental treatment, suction patients oral saliva, cooling water and tooth loss, etc., reduce the risk of cross-infection, while supporting large oral clinic intelligent dental centralized negative pressure system, equipment has real-time monitoring and constant suction function, to ensure that long uninterrupted work.

With the country's attention to environmental and ecological protection, and the attention of air and water quality, sewage discharge standards are also becoming increasingly strict, the integrated dental wastewater treatment system developed by the company is now made and used, intelligent software control, automatic sewage treatment, to meet the standard needs of relevant departments for wastewater discharge from dental clinics.

In 2020, the company integrated and improved the research and development team, and independently developed two new products: microacid electrolytic chlorine acid water generator and washed air purification and disinfection machine.Looking at the health of the waterway system of the comprehensive oral treatment platform, combined with the current epidemic situation, the disinfection level of environmental equipment in the oral clinics will become the focus of attention for a long time.

The company has research and development department, marketing department, production department, procurement department, financial department and other major departments. The research & D team is composed of 6 people, 1 doctor, 2 master's degree. The talent field covers machinery and automation design, computer and software, material science and other disciplines.Main management since 2005 is engaged in the oral equipment industry technology, management and management, in the industry has a wide range of sales network resources, with large customer development, supporting, service, management experience, with actual enterprise management experience, at the same time the current situation and development trend of the oral medical industry has profound industry analysis ability.

The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights, covering invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and software copyright, etc. The products can ensure that the traditional equipment on the basis of oral diagnosis, improve the supporting level of oral medicine.

With advanced technology and innovative management concept, to build international oral medical service innovation platform as the goal, service in high-end oral medical customers, we are constantly improve and rich product line at the same time, efforts to strengthen the marketing team construction, dealers, agents almost across the domestic 31 provinces and autonomous regions, product line has been a long-term stable supply in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and other 30 countries.

We have the ability and confidence to provide better and more environmentally friendly dental medical products to partners and users for the common development of the oral industry, just as the company has always expected: the real good product will always fall in love with it at the first sight when you see it, which is also the direction that we have been working on.

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